Other activities

Since Transition Grampound was first set up in 2008, we have taken part in a miscellany of activities such as:

  • Free logs: some logs were available from fallen trees in the recreation ground and the woods and were distributed to local residents
  • A visit was made by the group to the farm at Newlyn East to see the Cornish Mill Bake House operation where they grow their own wheat, mill it and bake bread and cakes.
  • A visit was made to the Wheal Jane site to see the work being done on various alternative energy projects including wind, solar, hydro.
  • A coach trip to the Goonhilly Wind Farm in February 2011. 20 people came on the trip and were able to see for themselves the latest versions of wind turbines in action. This was organised in order that local residents could understand the scale of turbines that would subsequently be installed on Garlenick land in 2014.
  • In summer 2011, a joint trip with Grampound Garden Club was arranged to Tapeley Park in North Devon. Tapeley Park had featured in Channel 4's Country House Rescue programme and the gardens include a permaculture forest garden.
  • Some Grampound residents are keen to recycle glass, but find the boxes provided by Cornwall Council to be too large and heavy to carry, and difficult to store. For those residents, Transition Grampound has provided free of charge smaller supermarket type baskets that can be carried in one hand.
  • In 2014, arrangements were made with Grampound Community Hall Committee for scrapings from the old car park to be deposited on the Fal River footpath. Then, a group of people carrying out community service under the supervision of the Probation Service, laid the material along the path providing a much improved surface, particularly in wet weather. This project was financed by Transition Grampound.
  • Following completion of the gas mains works in Fore Street, Grampound, in early 2015, the verge outside the cottages near the village hall car park was badly damaged. Transition Grampound commissioned and paid for the laying of new turf to reinstate the verge to a reasonable condition.
  • In April 2016, Cornwall Council ceased running the public toilet in Grampound Recreation Ground. The village hall committee took over responsibility for maintaining the toilet and it is receiving an annual grant from the parish council to cover the cleaning costs and utility bills. Transition Grampound paid for the installation of baby-changing facilities, a notice board in the toilet to advertise village events, and a new lock to ensure that the toilet is safe to be used by people with disabilities.
  • Transition Grampound has organised and paid for the installation of a recycling bin in the recreation ground so that plastic bottles and cans can be segregated from residual waste in the general rubbish bin.